Douglas Humphrey Edwards
Douglas humphrey Edwards service no. C/JX614062.  Telegraphist.

Nephew Paul Foskett recalls

"My uncle was lost when Asphodel was sunk in 1944. He was 17, he was a boy telegraphist and was to be discharged on their return to the U.K. as he had lied about his age to join the navy, he wanted to join because all his mates joined unfortunately he was the only one who didn't survive the war.
Whilst I myself was serving in the navy on HMS Achilles in 1987 I had the privilege of being part of the ships guard on the remembrance day parade at the Chatham war memorial where the crew of Asphodel are remembered. It was a very moving day as my late mother was able to attend the service in the town where her brother was based."

Source: Email from Paul Foskett  Aug 2008