Henry George Elliot was Chief Mechanic on HMS Asphodel
Here is an e-mail I received from his Granddaughter
My name is Shelley, my father is Milburn George Elliott and his father was Henry George Elliott, Chief Mechanic on the Asphodel when it was sunk.  At the time my father was 11 when he lost his dad, they were close, and he was told there were no survivors.  It is only recently, believe it or not, that we discovered there were 5 survivors and my father wished he could have contacted them many years ago to find out what, if anything, they knew of his dad and any stories regarding the Asphodel. 
An excerpt from my father's memoirs:
Dad had wonderful big ideas for when he came out of the Navy, quite a planner my father.  I obviously feel more proud of him now than I did then.  The last time I saw him he was in his uniform and he got on the school bus, sat upstairs with me and told me on the way that he was sad that he could not get onto submarines.  Now he was on his way to be an engineer of a Flower Class Corvette, the Asphodel, which as we now know was torpedoed and all hands were lost.  One thing I deeply regret now was that just before I left him on the bus he gave me an old penny (he told me to look after it as he could turn up like an old penny).  I was 11 years old at the time but at some stage I lost the penny which saddens me even now. 
Henry George Elliott Sep 1938
Henry George Elliot